All my practices, including painting and sculptures & installation, are strongly inspired by the personal everyday excitements. For example, going to the well-displayed café for a good coffee & cake is an essential part of my life. Also, I love observing all the various shapes, colours existing in this world. 

For the sculptures and installation, the visual temptation from highly decorated dessert images on Social Media attracts me for a unique recreation using unedible materials. Then the outcome plays with the idea of possibilities on triggering the audience’s imagination producing the mouth-watering and tantalising sensation from optical experience. To gain the seductive outcome on each piece, I always go through a long process that is pretty much similar to what patissier do for their amazing delicacies.


‘10 x 10 series’ is a gouache series I have been painting since late 2018. Questioning how we possibly have observed the world as children before absorbing the definition and forcefully consuming all the existence as an adult. 

" [...] Everything that you can see, in the world around you, presents itself to your eyes only as an arrangement of patches of different colours variously shaded. " (Ruskin, J. 1857. The Elements of Drawing)

I have dealt with two practices as a totally separate kind of art but recently am experimenting by combining the idea while counting the relationship between artwork and the audiences a lot. Hoping visitors to gain happiness and relaxation by seeing the pieces.

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