My sculptures play with the idea of both the beauty of different casting materials and my personal sweet fantasy. It all begins from the curiosity of how human can crave something just by looking at it. Using their own subconscious imaginative world somehow can work through sensual stimulations from optical experiences. Especially, I get inspired by decorated desserts on the online platform – Instagram - where people update posts relying on the aesthetic material. As a contemporary artist, I believe it is important to sense the flow of the era and make good use of it.


Working with the idea, I choose inedible materials, or perhaps even harmful for humans, like crystal resin, Jesmonite and plaster. Then go through the casting process that has a lot of similarities with baking. To gain the seductive outcome on each piece, I always go through a long process that also requires a high level of labour: creating positive moulds, using silicone for building up the main moulds, mixing the materials and pouring & tapping the air bubbles out, waiting to set and the finishing – wet & dry hand sanding and polishing. In terms of the process, I always think it is extra important that sculptures need to be created by artists.

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